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A different kind of Offshore IT company

Distant Job is a different kind of offshore provider. Of course we are here to save you a lot of money by working with talents in countries where the cost of living is significantly lower, and that reflects in the salaries which can be up to a ¼ of North American salaries 

Yet the focus is not just to save by cutting cost but also by providing much more talented and productive people that waste less of your and their time. Our service tends to be compared to three kinds of services: Outsourcing companies, recruitment companies and Temp agencies. And here's how we are different

A Different Kind Of Outsourcing Company

Outsourcing company

If you ever got a chance to outsource your work to a remote offshore company, you probably went through the same pattern of giving your work to some middle manager who would take charge of your project and distribute the work across his workers with the hope that within a certain period of time you will get back what you want. Yet in reality what you are really doing is allowing this potentially unfocused manager to distribute tasks to people that you don't know and didn't qualify, who will not be working by your standards and core values to produce a product that might simply not fit your standards.

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A Different Kind Of IT Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agency

If you are looking for an employee/staff and looking for a IT employment company to help you with the search, why not try something different. How about an offshore recruitment service where you have a vast selection of highly educated top talents across eastern Europe and Asia and can save a significant amount on labour cost, and by significant we mean about ¼-1/3 of Western Salaries.

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A Different Kind Of Temp Agency

Temp agency

If you ever dealt with a temp recruitment agency, you can absolutely appreciate the convenience of having someone start immediately with no actual substantial commitment that comes with direct employment. Yet the fees that come with this type service can make you cringe. So why not try something different: an offshore temp service where you get the convenience of receiving a high knowledge contractor at a 50%-75% reduction of western salaries.

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