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Your Process, Your Culture, Your Core Values

Interviewing, training, and communicating with your employees is key to the success of your business. Let us find you top talent who understands your processes, your company culture and works during your business hours.


Think before you Outsource

Hiring a 3rd party to manage your projects is not the only way to work with cost-saving emerging countries . Hiring a professional to work directly for you avoids unfocused managers supervising unknown workers.


Recruiting locally has Drawbacks

Gaining access to millions of professional IT graduates across the globe, gives you the advantage in a highly competitive market. Distant Job helps you find those better people faster, at a fraction of western salaries.

Remote Employees work Longer and are more Productive

Research from several Universities like Cornell and Stanford confirm that remote employees are highly motivated, passionate, and by far, more productive.

Distant Job connects you to leading global Talent

Our own team consists of highly skilled IT Specialists trained in global HR recruiting. So all our candidates are pre-screened and pass our proprietary logic testing and advanced technical knowledge evaluations.


No more Challenging Communications

Let us find you passionate professionals dedicated to your company, working during your office hours, IT Specialists you can communicate with and motivate in real time, while staying true to your processes and core values.


What is a Remote Placement Agency?

An innovative service based on a new recruitment model focused on finding you the best individual for the job, not limiting ourselves to any geographic area. This individual essentially works directly under your management, communicating in real time and working by the same processes and core values as all your company’s local employees.


Why Distant Job? – Because recruiting and headhunting across the world requires some very unique skills and know-how. At Distant Job all our recruiters are IT Specialists trained in global HR recruitment. Distant Job has developed a proprietary filtering process to not only evaluate advanced programmer qualifications, but also assess highly sophisticated, logic testing and strong communication abilities.


How our model differs from...


outsourcing services

  • No more unfocused managers, weak communication and uncertain deadlines.
  • We ensure direct interaction your IT Specialist recruits who work exclusively and effectively by your company processes and core values.
  • You no longer limit your potential pool of talent to a centralized outsourcing location in a small region.

local recruitment services

  • No longer limited to a local market, you can now choose from a global pool of talent to find top talent faster.
  • We save you over 60% of the average local salary plus the additional local recruitment fees.
  • Distant Job provides an unique filtering process headed by highly qualified IT Specialists.

freelancer bidding service

  • Top candidates are aware of their value and are not willing to compromise on their standards just to get a job.
  • Our candidates have no interest in competing in desperate bidding wars just to find some work.
  • We specifically head hunt for already employed IT Specialists because of their uncompromising standards.



“Distant Job provided us with solid employees who were friendly and easy to work with. We have used them for several projects and wouldn't hesitate to use them again.”

Mick Southerland

Founder at Pixeldust Interactive


I went though 40 different applicants, looking for 4 developers for a company and I was frustrated by this experience: I was not able to find people with proper technical foundation and good fit for our culture. Once friend told me about Distantjob, and at first I was skeptical about this idea, but I realized that I could hire 3-4 developers by the cost of 1 local, and I decided to try. I hired 2 remote developers, and now, a years later, I am happily surprised of my experience - these employees use local tools, they fit local culture and work in our office hours. They delivered above and beyond what I expected even from local developers, they have very strong technical foundation. I would not think twice before going to Distantjob again.

Gili Tzabari

Director of R&D Amaya Gaming