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A Remote IT Staffing Agency

Being able to interview, train and communicate with your employees while delivering your companies' processes and core values is key to the success of the business, yet for some reason when we work with remote outsourcing and offshore companies, we tend to neglect all of what made our company what it is. At Distant Jobs we take a different approach to offshore operations: Instead of taking on your project, you can hire IT professionals for full time and that too highly qualified, who will work during North American time, following your direct instructions and processes. Out technical recruiters, all with many years of experience in their fields, will interview and filter workers based on your skills and experience requirements.

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Hire Better People

  • Hire better skilled people while paying a fraction of your labor cost.
  • Avoid the inconsistent results of a standard outsourcing model
  • Know with whom you are working by cutting out the middle man
  • Communicate everyday during your working hours
  • No Initial costs, No finders fee
  • Work by your company's culture and core values

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